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You’re born.

Whole, loving and full of life.

But very quickly the outside world can take you away from who you really are...

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Of course,
there are many good times, too

Falling in love
Pursuing a
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Wonderful friends
wonderfull friends

But it’s not long before social media, peer pressure and financial fears take hold of us again.

For many of us, by the time we’re adults, we’ve forgotten who we really are almost completely

    Studying a degree
you don’t care about
boy in library
Locked into an
uninspiring job
uninspiring job
trapped relationship
Trapped in a relationship,
or struggling to parent
Stressed, lost and hopeless, we’re left asking,
 from the real you
 Burnt out

Uncontrollable worrying:
“What if he leaves me? What if I fail? What if I never make it?”

Compulsive self-pressure...  
“I need to be successful. I have to get this job. Or I won’t be OK.”

Struggling to cope, we self-distract, self-sabotage, self-destruct, and feel even worse about ourselves afterwards.

“Why am I feeling like this?”

“How do I feel normal again?”

We believe we’re broken, like something’s wrong with us — like we are the problem…

But none of this is coming from us. None of this is coming from you.

You don’t want to worry all the time. You don’t want to judge yourself. You don’t want to self-sabotage.  None of this is your “self”.

None of THIS
is YOU

Our Philosophy

At REHUMANITY, we believe you begin life as you, but as you grow up, outer influences — or “outer voices” — start to take over without us realising.

These “outer voices” can take root literally, from things you’re told by parents, friends & others — like “Don’t say that, you’ll offend someone!” creating an outer voice that tells you to never say what you think for fear of upsetting others.

Or they can take form from life experiences — like a betrayal by a loved one creating an outer voice that says: “You can’t trust anyone! You must keep people at length.”

Read more on Rehumanity’s philosophy

These “outer voices” disconnect us from who we really are, take us out of character and away from our wants and passions. Before long, they’re telling us what to think, what to do & how to be. And the more we listen to them, the more we confuse these “outer voices” for our own.

You might feel uncontrollably anxious over money & bills:

“What if I lose my job? What if I can’t pay rent? What if something goes wrong?”


But is this your own anxiety, or an anxiety created by an “outer voice”? One that takes you out of the present and fixates you on worst-case scenarios.

You might feel a constant judgement for every little imperfection:

“I should be working harder. I should’ve known better.”


But again: is it really you telling yourself off? Or a pushy, perfectionist “outer voice” with unreasonable expectations and no compassion for mistakes? Always drilling you to work harder, because to rest is lazy.

You might believe you’re not good enough until you’ve achieved some milestone of “success”:

“I NEED to make this work. I NEED to be successful.”


But once again, is this really your belief? Do you really “need” any of these things? Or is this another “outer voice”? Telling you that success is all that matters! That you can’t enjoy yourself till you’ve made it; and you’re only loveable once you’ve earnt it.

These “outer voices” get in the way of us living our own lives. They keep us stressed over things we might not even care about; or obsessed with external outcomes because they’ve convinced us what’s inside isn’t enough.

And as we listen to them more and more, we forget what we want, what we care about, and before long we’re living a life that is no longer ours — pushed around by “shoulds” and “needs” or held back by “what ifs” and fear.

We call this disconnection - when you’ve lost touch with who you really are, and life feels like it’s just passing you by.

Let’s bring back the colour!


helps you reconnect with your truest self.

Work with our talented practitioners to separate the "outer voices" holding you back from your own.

From a place that is intrinsically & authentically you, detaching from “outer voices”, and  listening instead to our inner voices — our internal wants & values — so many of life’s struggles just disappear:

That ringing anxiety is replaced with the quiet self-belief that, whatever happens, you’ll be fine.

The judgement that “you’re not good enough” is switched out for self-compassion that you’re a human being, and sometimes you need to take care of yourself first.

And that narrow need to achieve is opened out into free choice to pursue what you truly want with creativity and drive. But always knowing you can only ever control your inputs, and whatever happens it’s never life-or-death.

It’s difficult to describe in words, but reconnecting to the real you really does feel like coming back to life, back to your most authentic self.

We’ve all experienced these moments of reconnection - where life just flows, and you know you can take on any of its challenges. There’s a natural fulfilment, a powerful sense of possibility, and a reconnection to the full experience of what it means to be human.

At ReHumanity,  we help people — in their own struggles, at work, in their relationships & family life — to create more fulfilling lives and futures.

Real lives. Real change.

Meena Sadeghi — ReHumanity Client
Mo — ReHumanity Client
Rasha AlShaar — Mind-Body Trainer
Holly — ReHumanity Client
Loubna — ReHumanity Client
Mahyar — ReHumanity Client
Daivik — ReHumanity Client
Mercedeh — ReHumanity Client
Sophie — ReHumanity Client
Samira — ReHumanity Client
Haider — ReHumanity Client
Anthony Mitson — MD at Videlle
Naed — ReHumanity Client
Vlad — Management Consultant
AJ  — CEO of Foundrs
Amir Hamza — Co-Founder at ReHumanity
Azhar Haris — Executive Coach
Andrew —  Co-Founder at ReHumanity
Jessica Chan — Founder at Ima

If it wasn’t for Soheil, I don’t know where I’d be today.

I want to start by saying I am writing this testimonial from a place of authenticity, with no desire other than to help others.

Working with Soheil has been the most transformational thing I’ve done in my life so far. I started the Soheil process feeling; lost, un-confident, not knowing who I was or what I wanted out of life, and most of all, feeling stuck. I had just been made redundant from my job, and after a lifetime of following society’s rules for the definition of “success,” I didn’t understand why I didn’t just want to carry on and take the next prestigious 6-figure job offer before me.

After being recommended Soheil by a trusted friend, I took a leap of faith, with literally no idea what to expect.

My first call with Soheil was from a place of desperation. “Soheil, which job offer should I take? I don’t want to do any of them but *I feel like I have to*.” And that’s how I’d been living the majority of my life. Doing what I felt I should be, or what others had told me to, but rarely putting first my own desires. I decided enough was enough.

I decided to step away from all that I knew - leaving my industry, country and community behind. And for the first time in my life, I took a leap of faith on myself; learning to trust my own internal compass and instincts as a guide in the process.

Today, I am writing this, happier and more content than I ever thought possible. Living a life beyond my wildest dreams, and best of all, knowing the best is yet to come. The Soheil experience has been the greatest gift I could have never known to ask for (thank you to my dear friend Andrew for being kind enough to make that initial recommendation).

To anyone reading this, feeling sceptical, all I ask is that you take an initial leap of faith – and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Meena Sadeghi — ReHumanity Client


Learning and living the principles of ReHumanity and its mission at heart just feels right being received in mine. Wisdom simplified makes it so much easier to resonate and relate to  and ReHumanity really knows how to speak to the human i simply am.

Soheil has been such a support for me on my journey. Every conversation with him leaves me with insight. His authenticity and genuine care radiates off of him and onto every interaction with him. I have discovered so much of my truth with his guidance and support.

Rasha AlShaar — Mind-Body Trainer


When I began working with Soheil, I was in crisis. I would never have called it that at the time, because I was too mired in it to see myself or my life clearly. I was in a constant state of overwhelm and stress, spinning my wheels frantically without any direction or progress, buried in shame, guilt, and other destructive emotions. My relationships were shallow and one-sided, as I was so certain my full self would be a burden rather than a benefit to anyone close to me.

Soheil worked through this thick emotional fog with me, offering me a new way to see myself, and new language to express myself. Layer by layer I felt what he calls the “outer voices” growing less powerful until I was no longer compelled by fear or lack in my relationships and decisions. I approach life a year later with my full heart and my full confidence, making even the most difficult of decisions with intention and grace. I conserve a lot of energy by no longer unconsciously curating myself to seem more palatable to other people. I hadn’t even realized I was performing these micro-manipulations until my work with Soheil began, and am astonished by the amount of mental and energetic real estate that’s opened up in the absence of this practice.

I am eternally grateful to say to anyone reading this that you’ve found your way into good hands. I live my life free, unburdened, unmasked, and rehumanized. Six hours turned my entire life around, and I wish the same for you.

Holly — ReHumanity Client


Soheil I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the profound impact you've had on my life over the past six months.

When I first came to you, I was lost, hurt, and struggling with depression and confusion. Previous therapy experiences left me feeling unheard and directionless, with therapists who simply listened but never truly guided me. However, working with you has been a transformative experience unlike any other.

You have helped me forge a deep connection with myself, uncovering my values and distinguishing between my inner and outer voices in ways I never thought possible. The changes I've experienced since meeting you have been nothing short of extraordinary.

I find myself constantly reminded of who I am, a practice that was once challenging but has now become a source of joy and self-discovery. Your guidance and support have empowered me to embrace my true self and navigate life with newfound clarity and purpose.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone in need of more than just therapy—a journey of self-connection and inner healing. Your ability to instill belief in oneself is truly remarkable, and I am immensely grateful to have you as my guide.

Thank you, Soheil, for your unwavering support and encouragement. I eagerly anticipate our future sessions and the continued growth and exploration.

Loubna — ReHumanity Client


I had the privilege of working with Soheil as my life and career coach, and it’s an experience I am profoundly grateful for. His guidance has been a turning point in my personal and professional journey. Soheil’s insights into the value of effective communication have been transformative. He has a unique ability to foster self-awareness, encouraging honesty with oneself and others, which is a rare quality. This approach has not only improved my personal life but has also had a remarkable impact on my professional environment.

Mahyar — ReHumanity Client


I was recommended rehumanity by a friend and was sceptical before our first call. However, after having an initial call with Soheil, my scepticism had disappeared because it felt like he had known me for years. Soheil has an incredible ability to understand the key matters I try to explain about myself or my life and this leads to us being able to effectively explore topics.

He also asks the right questions that encourage but sometimes force me to confront my opinions and thoughts which can lead me to find clarity within myself. It's clear there is no judgment which further allows me to be open and honest with myself and Soheil.

Daivik — ReHumanity Client


I've spent a lot of time in my life with many problems, and have had many paths that I could not decide between.

I had problems with my partner, and I was under a lot of stress and pain. I didn't sleep well, and I was doing terribly, even with a psychiatrist and medication. I could not create a balance between work, relationship, and myself, and reasonable time management caused me a lot of stress. I'd also studied life coaching myself, but wasn't able to help myself.

Suddenly, I met Soheil, and we began our first session. I started my meetings with him, and I was able to make peace with myself, with many of my problems being solved. I realised I could manage my time for myself, and got a lot of peace of mind as a result. I no longer needed my medication, and Soheil was always available to support under all circumstances, always leading with his humanity. I continued to learn a lot from him, and even when we weren't having sessions, he'd ask about me without any expectation, and I always felt as though I had him by my side.

Even though I'm a coach, and know many many more, my experiences with Soheil have been the very best.

Mercedeh — ReHumanity Client


Soheil and I have been working for a couple of coaching sessions now, and I must say I feel like I’m taking a big leap in my life every time.

Soheil has his very unique way to connect with you and to create a space with absolutely nothing but compassion and curiosity.
His mind, his creativity and intuition are simply brilliant. What particularly strikes me is how deeply genuine he is and how much he cares about serving others.
Every client that crosses his path is extremely lucky to work with him.

Sophie — ReHumanity Client


Rehumanity has helped me in my personal and professional life, where I struggled to find a balance, didn’t know who I really was and developed that connection with myself I lacked.

My coach made me discover and deep dive within me to realize certain aspects that I continuously questioned.

More and more became clear to me and most importantly the self awareness I developed.

I discovered and understood the outer voice language through engaging activities and role play techniques that transferred me into a different energy level.

My coach analyzed me so well within my first session, almost knowing me better then myself, by simply having and open conversation and feeling my energy used.

I’m grateful for the trust we have built and the support I have.

I usually am very stressed or anxious before my 1 to 1 - but I always feel GREAT after meeting and discussing as I always learn something new.

Samira — ReHumanity Client


I met with Soheil 2 years ago with a great deal of apprehension and hesitance, through a friend ranting about his profound impact on her life. While I kept some openness to a conversation with the man who is 'not a therapist or a coach , he's just, a really great guy to talk to', I thought to myself what is this nonsense.

Fair to say I ate my thoughts shortly after. I felt well settled at the time, but confused on how to improve the fulfilment I was deriving from life, and how to achieve a great deal of peace and personal freedom. Soheil helped me to pinpoint important points within my previously self driven introspection, identify the root of certain behaviours and thought patterns, and develop a self sufficient system of ideas and behaviour.

I'm sure that sounds vague, but ultimately Soheil has helped me discover more of myself and aid in bettering my life. I was already leading a good life with the greater issues figured out, which makes his work even more impressive. He did not have an easily identifiable great depression to fix, instead he was able to navigate nuances within my mind to allow me to discover more of who I am and what I want. It's in these details that Soheil has provided me great guidance, mentorship and friendship. I would also like to note that his patience with me has been monumental, and a true testament to who he is. Thanks Soheil, here's to a long life

Haider — ReHumanity Client


I’ve been working with Soheil for over a year now, on issues ranging from my lack of direction in business and belief in myself to charge the money i want, to relationship issues and challenges tied up in deeper held negative beliefs about myself.

Soheil isn’t a therapist or coach, he’s more like a good friend, guiding you towards the most useful line of conversation. He takes time to understand firstly what you authentically value in life, and uses this information to prompt questions about your decisions and situation, allowing you to figure out the problem by your own thinking, opposed to being told.

He’s guided me to change my life on multiple occasions, each session I’ve unveiled another epiphany that increases my happiness and contentment of life - one of the best investments in myself. Knowing you have someone in your corner like Soheil, makes you feel you can weather even the worst of storms.

The result? One and a half years on, I’ve double what I charge to my clients, made a better group of friends, started doing more fulfilling and exciting projects, cut off dead end relationships draining my energy and stopped wasting my time on people I’d simply rather not see. I trust my feelings and judgement more than ever, I can’t thank him enough.

Anthony Mitson — MD at Videlle


Before I started my coaching journey, I felt utterly lost and confused. I had signed up to coaching sessions with Soheil on the recommendation of a friend, but I was frankly skeptical and did not know what to expect. She told me to take a leap of faith, and I’m so glad that I did.

Just from the first “mapping session” alone, I knew that I had embarked on a transformational journey. I described the first session as a “spiritual experience” to my friends, who thought I was crazy. I told them to try it - coaching with Soheil really has to be seen to be believed.

Soheil runs his coaching sessions with a deft understanding of people and a deep empathy. He has an extraordinary ability to get to the crux of whatever issue or problem you present him with, and to help you solve it in the very next breath. You can really tell that he truly believes in his mission to help others achieve deep connection with themselves and others, and to live authentic lives. He has helped me to do exactly that.

I am now 6 weeks into my coaching journey, and I feel completely transformed. I am living with a sense of purpose and confidence that I have never had before. Coaching with Soheil has allowed me to understand myself and my values in a profound way, and I cannot thank him enough!

Naed — ReHumanity Client


I was really at the end of things, ready to give up on life. Woke up in regular pain, like my back was on fire, mind was overrun by obsessive ruminations, and I was ready to give up.

I was extremely sceptical about trying out yet another approach, previously wasting £50,000+ on therapists over 10 years of trying to “fix myself”. But it felt like one last thing to tick off so I could truly say I had “tried everything”.

Within just 4 sessions, my brain exploded. I realised I was living a complete lie of a life. I’m a deeply creative person, I love to build and help others; but I had straightjacketed myself into a “businessman”. I love fashion and jewellery, but I walked around every day in a black T-shirt for reasons of “efficiency”. I was playing a character, rarely saying what I really believed for fears of sticking out or breaking social norms.

It was a very real eureka moment. The depression, the lifelessness, it just disappeared. I was back to myself. What was so weird is I’ve always seen myself as a “free thinker” - from dropping out of school to choosing entrepreneurship over career…but I was just sucked into a different set of beliefs/norms that still weren’t mine.

I owe my life to Soheil and “ReHumanism”. And as a now co-founder at ReHumanity, I’m excited to help others experience similarly powerful breakthroughs in how they think, live and see the world.

Andrew — Co-Founder at ReHumanity


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