Our philosophy

At REHUMANITY, we believe we’ve been disconnected from our humanity; from who we really are.
Outer influences - or outer voices - accumulate from an early age, disconnecting us from our truest inner selves.

"I'm not good enough", "I'm not thin enough", "I wish I were more X", "I'll be happy when I have Y")

Outer voices are things from the outside that disconnect us from our most authentic, grounded selves, distorting reality until we believe what they say.

They can sometimes be literal outer voices, like a parent saying you're not good enough. But years later that outer voice is still with you, creating feelings of inadequacy, pressure to achieve and a conditionality around love. Other times, outer voices can arise out of circumstance, like a child coping with abuse by escaping into fantasy. Years later, echoes of that outer voice tell you that all pain is danger, to “run” when things get hard, and keep you so focussed on a future goals, you’re unable to enjoy the present day.

As we listen more to these outer voices, and less to our inner voices, we find ourselves terrified by what others may say, afraid of failure, deadlined by time…living, but no longer feeling alive, living a life that is no longer our own. We are passionately dedicated to reconnecting people with who they really are, via experiences, literature & film to bring back that feeling of life.

We help people detach from outer voices and reconnect to their inner voices, bringing back the colour into their lives; the oxygen into their lungs. As we reconnect with those parts of us we may have lost sight of, but are never truly lost, we are able to see what truly matters to us.

Many of the goals we feel we “need” to achieve fade into irrelevance. Many of the problems we believe need to solve are simply no longer problems. And many of the “shoulds” that dictate our behaviour suddenly shut up. That sense of “having to” fades, and we remember we have choices.

Rather than spiraling over what isn’t possible, we make the most of what is today.
That even if you fall, nothing is broken, but is instead a chance to grow stronger.
Rather than striving to “be enough”, it’s just about being.
That to be you is to be free.

The more you can be yourself, the more you will get out of life.

You’re totally fine, just as you. And you are finally living your life.

Our Team


Reuben Tyler-Wilkinson

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Sameeha Eram

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Arsen Shkrumelyak

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